To date the only planet where life has been found is Earth. And not only is there life on our planet, but the overall richness is astounding, from Polar Bears to fungi, the number of total species discovered is overwhelming with new species being discovered almost on a daily basis. And of all the terrestrial habitats on Earth the undisputed champ of biodiversity is the Amazon Basin, with estimates of up to 30% of all organisms in the world found here. And of the countries that contain the Amazon Basin within their borders, Ecuador has the most biodiverse rainforest per square kilometer. This is due to the great abundance of Terra Firme (dry land) and diversity of habitats.

Eden Amazon Lodge is located just outside the Yasuni National Park. According to the Scientists Concerned for the Yasuni http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0008767

The Yasuni National Park is a unique species richness area in 4 taxonomic groups: Amphibians, Birds, Mammals and Trees. This area encompasses only 0.16% of South America and less than 0.5% of the Amazon Basin. And has…

·over 150 amphibian species (World Record).
·121 reptiles, making the Yasuni one of the richest areas in the world in this group.
·597 bird species (1/3 of total amount of species in the Amazon Basin).
·176 documented mammal species, and is one of the few areas in the world to have over 200 mammal species.
·at least 10 primate species, with 3 others possible species to be confirmed.
·Over 100 species of bats.
·382 fish species, with an estimated 500 species.
·100,000 arthropod species with this being the highest estimated species count in any biological category in the world.
·overall high vascular plant diversity (among the highest in the world).
·the highest tree diversity per hectare than any place ever studied.

So come to Eden and experience lifes greatest expression and the magic which is the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest.